British intelligence: Russia abandoned an important element of its military doctrine

British intelligence: Russia has abandoned an important element of its military doctrine

< p>In the past three months, the Russian occupation forces have largely stopped the deployment of battalion tactical groups in Ukraine, as they demonstrated certain shortcomings during intense hostilities. This is stated in the intelligence summary of the UK Department of Defense.

Intelligence notes that the BTG concept has played an important role in Russian military doctrine over the past ten years and envisaged that battalions are integrated with a full range of support units, including armored vehicles, reconnaissance and (unlike usual Western practice) artillery.

During the intense, large-scale fighting of the war in Ukraine, certain shortcomings of the BTG were revealed. Thus, the relatively small number of combat infantry allocated by the BTG is often insufficient.

The British Defense Ministry notes that the decentralized distribution of artillery did not allow Russia to fully use its advantage in the number of guns. In addition, only a few commanders of the BTG were given the authority to flexibly use opportunities in the way that the BTG model envisaged.

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