British intelligence: Russia changed the launch site of Iranian drones because it considers Crimea vulnerable

British intelligence: Russia changed Iranian drone launch site because it considers Crimea vulnerable< /p>

Russia is concerned about the vulnerability of Crimea, so it moved the launch site of Iranian drones to the Krasnodar Territory. This was reported in an intelligence review by the UK Department of Defense.

«In recent days, Russia's campaign of long-range strikes against the critical national infrastructure of Ukraine has intensified. The wave of strikes mostly consisted of air- and sea-launched cruise missiles, but almost certainly also involved Iranian-provided UAVs launched from Russia's Krasnodar region. Previously, these UAVs were launched mainly from the territory of the occupied Crimea», — the brief says.

The change in launch site is said to be likely due to Russia's concerns about Crimea's vulnerability, as well as the convenience of resupplying from a likely point of arrival for weapons in Russia — Astrakhan.

  • According to media reports, Iran will limit the range of ballistic missiles before sending them to Russia.

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