British intelligence: Russia has probably exhausted the stock of Iranian drones and will look for new ones

British intelligence: Russia probably ran out of Iranian drones and will look for more< /p>

Russia has probably run out of Iranian kamikaze drones and will be trying to replenish stocks in order to continue attacks on Ukraine. This is stated in the intelligence report of the UK Department of Defense.

Intelligence notes that since September, Russia has launched hundreds of Iranian drones against Ukraine – we are talking about both kamikaze drones and reusable systems. Iranian-made UAVs were used against tactical military targets and infrastructure. Recently, the Russian command has apparently ordered attacks on medical facilities.

The defense department draws attention to the fact that the Russian Federation purchased UAVs in order to compensate for the acute shortage of cruise missiles, but this approach had limited success – most of the drones were destroyed Ukrainian defense.

No drone strikes have been reported since 17 November. This may indicate that Russia has run out of drones, which the occupiers will try to replenish.

Among other things, it was noted that Russia will be able to purchase drones abroad faster than it can produce new cruise missiles domestically.

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