British intelligence: Russia imposes a limit on shells due to their shortage

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Russia has begun to apply the principles of a command-administrative economy more often to its military-industrial complex, which does not have time to meet the needs of the front in ammunition. This is stated in the intelligence summary of the UK Department of Defense.

Intelligence suggests that in recent weeks the shortage of Russian artillery ammunition has probably increased to such an extent that rationing measures are being applied on many sectors of the front.


«This has almost certainly become a key reason why not a single Russian unit has been able to carry out operationally significant offensive actions lately», the British Ministry of Defense believes.

Together with meanwhile, the Russian Federation has almost certainly resorted to using old stockpiles of ammunition that were previously deemed unusable.

Intelligence also drew attention to Putin's decree of March 3, 2023, which provides for measures allowing the ministry to trade and industry, bypassing the authority of the heads of defense enterprises that do not fulfill production tasks, to suspend their activities.

«Russia is increasingly applying the principles of a command economy to its military-industrial complex, because it recognizes that its defense manufacturing capacity is a key weakness in an increasingly depleted «special military operation» », summed up the British Ministry of Defense.

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