British intelligence: Russia is faced with a dilemma against the background of the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region

British intelligence: Russia faces dilemma amid UAF counteroffensive in Kherson region

To strengthen the defensive positions on the right bank of the Kherson region, the Russian command will send recently mobilized reservists there. This is stated in the intelligence report of the British Ministry of Defense.

Intelligence notes that the Ukrainian military moved the front line another 20 km, primarily due to advancement along the eastern bank of the Ingulets and the western bank of the Dnieper. However, they do not yet threaten the main Russian defensive positions.

It is assumed that the Russian command considers the growing threat in the Nova Kakhovka sector as one of the most pressing problems. Thus, the damaged river crossing over the Dnieper in this area remains one of the few available ways for them to replenish their forces.

Thus, Russia found itself in a dilemma — withdraw groups from the right bank of the Kherson region and make the defense of the rest of the Kherson region «more reliable», or remain on the right bank of the Dnieper to please the political ambitions of their leadership.

Among other things, the Ministry of Defense noted that the Russian Federation has already attracted to the defense of Kherson most of its understaffed airborne troops, which do not have enough personnel. Due to the lack of additional high-quality rapid deployment forces to stabilize the front, Russia can deploy mobilized reservists in this sector.

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