British intelligence: Russia seems to be preparing to leave the bridgehead in the Kherson region, but it will not be easy

British intelligence: RF seems to be getting ready to withdraw from the Kherson region bridgehead, but it will not be easy

British intelligence admits that the top leadership of Russia is really seriously thinking about retreating from the right-bank bridgehead in the Kherson region, but with the destroyed bridges, this will not be an easy task. This is stated in the review of the British Ministry of Defense on the war in Ukraine for October 20.

It recalls the recognition by the Russian commander Sergei Surovikin of the difficult situation for the Russian Federation in the Kherson region and statements about the need to evacuate the civilian population.

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«Surovikin's statement with bad news about the «special military operation» — it `s very unusual. This may indicate that the leadership of the Russian Federation is seriously thinking about a large-scale withdrawal of its forces located west of the Dnieper», — note in the review.

British intelligence indicates that if Russia decides to retreat, the key challenge for them will be the transfer of troops and equipment across the Dnieper to the left bank.

«With all full-fledged bridges severely damaged, the RF will most likely have to rely on a temporary barge bridge that has been completed near Kherson in recent days, and pontoon crossing units that continue to work in several places», & #8212; intelligence notes.

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