British intelligence: Russian missile strikes on Ukraine's energy infrastructure did not bring the desired result

British intelligence: Russian missile strikes on Ukraine's energy infrastructure failed

Today, Russia's strategy to destroy Ukraine's critical infrastructure is not as effective as it could have been at the beginning of the war. This is stated in the intelligence report of the UK Department of Defense.

Intelligence notes that since October 2022, the terrorist country has repeatedly attacked the electricity distribution network of Ukraine, primarily with cruise missiles. This is probably the first example of Russia's attempt to implement the concept of a strategic operation to destroy critical targets, which is a key component of the military doctrine it has adopted in recent years.

The said concept involves the use of long-range missiles to strike at critical objects of the national infrastructure of the enemy state, and not its armed forces, in order to demoralize the population and, ultimately, force the country's leadership to surrender.

The British defense department notes that although Russian strikes continue cause a shortage of electricity, but the effectiveness of this strategy is not so high, since Russia has already spent a significant part of its usable missiles against tactical targets.

In addition, Ukraine successfully mobilized during the nine months of the war, so the material and psychological effect of this the operation is likely to be less than if it were deployed uta in the initial period of the war.

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