British intelligence: Russian tactical aviation makes “dozens of sorties” a day. In March there were up to 300

British intelligence: Russian tactical aviation makes 'dozens of sorties' a day. In March there were up to 300

In recent months, the number of sorties of Russian tactical aircraft over Ukraine has significantly decreased. This is stated in the intelligence summary of the UK Department of Defense.

According to intelligence, to date, the Russian occupation forces have more than 60 aircraft, including another Su-24M FENCER fighter-bomber and Su-25 FROGFOOT attack aircraft last week .

The reduction in Russian aircraft sorties is due to the high threat from the Ukrainian air defense, the restrictions on the flight time of Russian aircraft and the worsening weather.

«Now Russian aircraft are likely to make Dozens of sorties per day compared to a maximum of 300 per day in March 2022», the British Defense Office notes.

Intelligence believes that since Russian ground attack tactics are largely dependent on from visual identification and unguided munitions, Russian tactical aircraft are likely to continue to make infrequent raids «against the ground» in bad winter weather.

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