British intelligence spoke about the problems with the logistics of the invaders due to cartridges for old machine guns

British intelligence spoke about logistical problems with the invaders due to cartridges for old machine guns

The Russian occupation troops have more problems with the delivery of small arms cartridges to the front lines due to equipping the mobilized with old AKMs. This is stated in the intelligence report of the British Department of Defense.

Since mid-October, Russia has sent to the front line in Ukraine several thousand newly mobilized reservists, who in many cases are poorly equipped. Intelligence notes that as early as September, Russian officers were concerned that some newly mobilized reservists were arriving in Ukraine unarmed.

On open-source images, it can be seen that mobilized reservists were issued AKMs, machine guns first introduced in 1959. It is assumed that most of these machines are in an almost unusable state due to poor storage. AKM fires 7.62mm cartridges, while regular Russian combat units are mainly armed with 5.45mm AK-74M or AK-12 assault rifles.

The British Defense Office notes that the integration of reservists with contract soldiers and combat veterans in Ukraine would mean that Russian logisticians would have to push two types of small arms ammunition to the front lines, rather than one. Thus, it will complicate the already overloaded logistics system in Russia.

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