British intelligence: The pace of Russian operations across the front line is the lowest since January 2023

low offensive operations since at least January 2023. This is stated in the intelligence summary of the UK Ministry of Defense.

According to intelligence, this is due to the fact that Russian troops have temporarily depleted the combat capability of deployed formations to such an extent that even local offensive actions are not yet sustainable.


The defense department admits that the Russian command will try to restore the offensive potential by replenishing personnel and ammunition. So far, the invaders are forced to choose between risky attacks or defense of the entire front line in Bakhmut.

Speaking of the situation in Bakhmut, intelligence notes that in recent days, Russian troops and the «Wagner» entrenched west of the Bakhmutka River. During the previous week, the front line had been along the river. To date, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to defend the western part of the city.

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