British intelligence: the Russian army is losing control at all levels

British intelligence: Russian army losing control at all levels

During the full-scale war against Ukraine, Russia has already replaced four of the five generals who were in charge, and so far this has not helped the Kremlin much to improve success on the battlefield. This is stated in the intelligence report of the UK Department of Defense.

Intelligence states that in the eighth month of open war against Ukraine, the main elements of the military leadership in the forces of the Russian Federation «increasingly dysfunctional». Thus, at the tactical level, there is a growing shortage of trained junior officers who could organize and command units of newly mobilized reservists.

The defense department believes that problems with leadership at the lower levels of command worsen the already low morale the spirit and coherence of many Russian units.

«The lack of continuity in command is likely to be more damaging than in Western military forces because, according to Russian doctrine, planning is mostly done personally by the commander, and not by the collective efforts of a wider staff», — noted in intelligence.

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