British intelligence: The war is at a standstill, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine have little success near Kremennaya

British intelligence: The war is at a standstill, but the UAF has little success near Kremennaya

The Ukrainian military made little progress in the Kremennaya area. This is reported in the British intelligence summary.

According to intelligence officers, the war as a whole is in a state of stagnation, but the heaviest fighting in recent days has been in three sectors. In the Kreminnaya area, Ukraine probably achieved little success and defended itself against Russian counterattacks.

In the Bakhmut direction, the Russian military and «Wagnerites» are probably restoring positions in the Soledar area. The British believe that the invaders have a real opportunity to advance locally.

In the Zaporozhye direction, both sides have concentrated significant forces. They exchanged artillery fire and engaged in skirmishes, but did not conduct large-scale offensive operations.

  • The United States advised Ukraine to delay the offensive at the front and wait for the supply of weapons.

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