British intelligence told how winter will affect the course of hostilities in Ukraine

British intelligence reveals how winter will affect the course of hostilities in Ukraine

Winter will greatly change the conditions of the war for both Russian and Ukrainian forces. This is stated in the intelligence report of the UK Department of Defense.

The defense department notes that the change in the season will affect the conditions of both the Russian and Ukrainian armies: there is a period of the shortest daylight hours and low temperatures. With daylight hours reduced to less than 9 hours a day compared to 15-16 hours in high summer, this will lead to fewer offensive actions and more static defensive lines.

Intelligence believes that any decisions by the Russian The General Staff will be partly driven by the onset of winter. Decisions will also be influenced by the availability of night vision goggles.

Cold will be another problem, and if the military has problems with winter uniforms and winterized living conditions, this will most likely result in health problems for them. In addition, the cold almost halves the «golden hour» for the successful survival of the seriously wounded.

«The weather itself is likely to bring an increase in rainfall, wind speed and snowfall. Each of them will create additional problems for the already low morale of the Russian troops», — said in the message.

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