British intelligence: Ukraine destroyed about 25% of the Russian fleet of Ka-52 helicopters

British intelligence: Ukraine destroyed about 25% of Russian Ka-52 helicopter fleet

The Russian occupiers are increasingly resorting to risky attack helicopter sorties as one of the few options for providing direct support to troops in combat. This is stated in the intelligence report of the UK Department of Defense.

Intelligence notes that since the start of the full-scale invasion, Russia has lost at least 23 Ka-52 attack helicopters – this is more than 25% of the Russian air force fleet, consisting of 90 of Ka-52 helicopters, and almost half of the total helicopter losses in Ukraine.

Russian attack helicopters have been particularly affected by Ukrainian man-portable air defense systems, while helicopters often operate with less permanent cover from combat aircraft, what could be expected in accordance with the military doctrine of the Russian Federation.

The defense department also drew attention to the fact that Russia is still unable to gain air superiority in order to reliably cover its troops on the front line with aviation, and its artillery ammunition is running out.

  • On October 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down two Russian Ka-52 helicopters in half an hour.

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