Bryan (Secret Story) as a couple: his partner, known, was at the heart of a scandal

The former candidate of “Secret Story” would have found love. On December 21, Bryan Dubois assured that he was in a relationship, on Instagram. And his new companion is no stranger!
In 2017, Bryan Dubois was revealed to the general public inSecret Story 11 . His secret? “I am a multimillionaire”. Very quickly, his attitude, considered arrogant, had displeased. This still earned him to be spotted by the production of Angels to participate in season 3 of the Holidays of Angels in 2018. We then found him in Les Princes in 2019. He came to conquer the heart of the beautiful Dita . A young woman he was in a relationship with after the filming of 10 Perfect Couples this year. But their romance did not last, to the great misfortune of the young man. However, he would have ended up consoling himself in the arms of a young woman well known to fans ofDon’t touch my post .

On December 21, Bryan assured that he had found love again. And the young woman in question is no stranger. This is Soraya Riffy who found herself at the heart of a big controversy in 2016. During the 35h of Baba (C8), Jean-Michel Maire had allowed himself to kiss her on the upper chest without his consent. A sequence that had caused a scandal ! The columnist had quickly apologized and the beautiful brunette had assured that she would not go to justice. Yet, a year and a half after the fact, that is what she did.

Soraya Riffy had indeed filed a complaint for sexual assault . Jean-Michel Maire had therefore been heard at the Boulogne police station. ” Now it may go to court, I don’t know yet. It depends on whether the complaint is admissible. After there will be an investigation, for the moment we are in the hearings “, he explained in TPMP in March 2018. Since then, more news … good news?

Soraya seems in any case to have moved on with Sébastien Dubois’ brother. In order to formalize their relationship, Bryan posted a photo in which he kisses her, a Louboutin bag in his hand. And he made her a declaration of love … particular in the caption: ” I love you. You are the woman of my life @ soraya.riffy. You proved to me that you were the perfect woman and also perfectly remade . I love your sick ball and your heart as big as your big breasts. ”

One can imagine that it was Bryan’s sincerity that seduced her … Unless their story was put together from scratch? With his brother Sébastien, they have been having fun for a while making videos in the same vein as The Bachelor . The goal is to find a girlfriend for the former inhabitant of the House of Secrets. We know both brothers love to go viral, so all of this could be done just to put on a show and entertain their fans.

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