Budanov explained why Ukrainian troops left Severodonetsk

Budanov explained why the Ukrainian troops withdrew from Severodonetsk

The Armed Forces of Ukraine withdrew from Severodonetsk, since it was impossible to hold the front there. They retreated to more advantageous positions to gain a tactical advantage. This was stated by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirill Budanov, in an interview with Reuters.

– Russia has used the same tactics it used in Mariupol: to wipe the city off the face of the earth. Under these conditions, it is no longer possible to keep the defense in ruins and in open fields. Therefore, Ukrainian forces withdrew to higher ground to continue defensive operations,” Budanov said.

According to him, the only way to victory for Ukraine lies through pure military force to reclaim all of its territory.

< p> – Strategy is very simple. Stabilize the situation. Get the necessary amount of equipment and prepare the necessary amount of forces and means to launch a counter-offensive in order to return all of our territory, – he stressed.

On June 25, Mayor Alexander Stryuk announced the complete capture of Severodonetsk by Russian troops. According to him, the Ukrainian military managed to leave the city without falling into the blockade. Thus, our fighters saved their lives and took up more fortified positions.

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