Budanov: Russia will run out of “tools of war” by the end of spring

Budanov: Russia will run out of 'tools of war' by the end of spring

The head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence, Kirill Budanov, believes that Russia has only time left until the end of spring, while it can aggressively fight. He said this in an interview with USA Today.

«Russia has spent a huge amount of human resources, weapons and materials. Its economy and production are unable to cover these losses. She changed her military chain of command. If the Russian military does not achieve its goals this spring, Russia will run out of its tools of war», — he noted. Budanov.

According to the head of the GUR, Ukraine and the Russian Federation will meet in a «decisive battle this spring, and this battle will be the last before this war ends».

Budanov also stressed that the war would not end until the Ukrainian Crimea was liberated from Russian occupation.

  • British intelligence reported that the shortage of shells in Russia was making it increasingly reliant on soldiers- stormtroopers and close combat.

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