Budanov: The occupiers create the illusion of withdrawal from Kherson, while they themselves are preparing to defend it

Budanov: The occupiers create the illusion of retreat from Kherson, while they themselves are preparing to defend it< /p>

The Russian invaders only create the illusion that they are preparing to leave Kherson. This was stated in an interview with the UP by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov.

According to him, the commander of the Southern Group of Russian troops in the war against Ukraine, Sergei Surovikin, is preparing the ground for smoothing the reaction of Russian society in the event of surrender or loss Kherson, but it cannot yet be said that the invaders are fleeing Kherson.

«In many aspects, this is an information operation and manipulation. There are certain facts. For example, they withdraw & # 171; Promsvyazbank & # 187;, other financial structures that the Russians brought there. Moreover, how they withdraw – they take out cash, the servers, the so-called occupation authorities, transfer – they transfer – all the non-walking, seriously wounded are taken out, they try to discharge those who can walk from hospitals as soon as possible, and conduct this frenzied information campaign that &# 171;we care about people» and the like», — said Budanov.

The head of the GUR added that against the background of information about their readiness to leave Kherson, the Russians, on the contrary, are bringing in new military units there and preparing the city's streets for defense. The occupiers understand that if the Armed Forces of Ukraine take control of at least the Kakhovka dam, then «they will have to make a very quick decision» or leave the city very quickly.

«And now, understanding all this, they are preparing the ground so that, if necessary, they can get out of there very quickly. However, they are not preparing to leave now, they are preparing for defense», — Budanov noted.

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