Budanov: The situation at the front has reached a dead end

Budanov: The situation at the front is deadlocked

The fighting in Ukraine is now at an impasse, as neither Ukraine nor Russia can make much headway. This was announced by the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence Kirill Budanov in an interview with the BBC.

«The situation just hung. She doesn't move. We cannot defeat them in all areas comprehensively. Just like they do us. We are looking forward to new deliveries of weapons and the arrival of more advanced weapons», — he noted.

After Ukrainian troops liberated Kherson in November, most of the fiercest fighting continued around Bakhmut, Donetsk region.

Budanov explained that in other places, the occupying troops seem to be on the defensive, while the winter has slowed down the pace of ground operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine along the entire 1000 km front line.

Budanov said that Russia «is now completely at an impasse», having suffered very significant losses, and he believes that the Kremlin has decided to announce another mobilization. At the same time, Budanov added that the Ukrainian forces still lack the resources to move forward in many areas.

However, he denies the possibility of an offensive from Belarus.

&#171 “Today, I see no signs of preparations for an invasion of Kyiv or the northern regions from Belarus,” said the head of Ukrainian intelligence.

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