Budanov told when Russia will run out of missiles

Budanov told me when Russia will run out of missiles

Head Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, said that the Russian Federation would have enough missiles for another two or three massive attacks on Ukraine. He said this in an interview with LIGA.net.

According to Budanov, the Russian invaders will have enough missiles for two or three times, if we talk about a salvo of 70-75 missiles at a time. The head of the GUR stressed that after that the terrorist country would run out of missiles altogether.

Budanov also drew attention to the fact that now Russia needs more time to prepare massive strikes – first, the occupiers attacked critical infrastructure once a week, then – once every 10 days, then once every two weeks, and now even longer.

The increase in preparation time is due to the reduction of the Russian missile arsenal. Thus, the Russian industry is not able to cover the amount of raets that the occupiers spend.

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