Butusov: Battalion commander “Kupol” is removed from his post after an interview with WP, where he spoke about the need to train mobilized more

One of the best battalion commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is removed from his post for an interview with The Washington Post, where he spoke about the need to improve the training of mobilized soldiers. This was stated by journalist Yuri Butusov.

The battalion commander of the 46th airmobile brigade with the call sign «Kupol» fought in the war with the Russian Federation since 2014, and showed himself brilliantly after a full-scale invasion.

«»Dome» became the only regular soldier in the battalion, composed entirely of reservists. Of the 500 fighters of the first squad, 100 were killed, almost 400 were wounded. In the battalion & # 171; — the highest level of motivation, high confidence in the commander, high-quality management — during the fighting in Soledar, they had a lot of frostbite and the fighters had their toes amputated, because they held positions to the last opportunity, without changes and even support, because such were the difficult conditions, it was from this battalion that one of the paratroopers lost 10 fingers from frostbite. They retreated under orders when the enemy actually surrounded Soledar. Therefore, to say that «Dome» looking for betrayal or is it a person who is trying to evade responsibility is impossible — this officer takes responsibility»,— Butusov emphasized.

He recalled that «Kupol» gave an interview to one of the most influential publications in the United States, The Washington Post, and quoted him from a text about the organization and preparation of the Ukrainian army for a future offensive.

«We just do interviews and tell people we're doing the best we can. It's like all we do is give interviews and tell people that we've already won, a little more, two weeks, and we'll win. I get 100 new soldiers. They don't give me time to prepare. They say: «Lead them into battle». And these soldiers just drop everything and run. And that's all. Do you understand why? Because the soldier does not shoot. I ask him why, and he says: «I am afraid of the sound of a gunshot». And for some reason he never threw a grenade. We need NATO instructors in all our training centers, and our instructors need to be sent to the trenches. Because they failed in their task», — said «Dome» in an interview.

He noted that the most valuable thing in the war — this is a combat experience, because a soldier who survived half a year of fighting and a soldier who came from the training ground are two different people. At the same time «Dome» emphasized that there are very few soldiers with combat experience.

«Unfortunately, many have already died or been injured. There is always faith in a miracle. Either it will be a bloody meat grinder and corpses, or it will be a professional counteroffensive. There are two options. In any case, there will be a counteroffensive», — the fighter said.

Butusov noted that all this is true and all this is being discussed in the army. The journalist stressed that this realism is required to form an objective picture in Ukrainian and American society.

«We must realize the insufficiency of efforts to prepare and organize our troops. Unfortunately, the reaction to these important words of a successful commander was unpleasant. «Domes» going to be removed from office. For what? For the fact that the commander cares about the lives of soldiers and demands changes in training in order to conduct a successful counteroffensive, because without changes in training, no words will break through the front? So this is the only possible way to win», — writes Butusov.

He emphasized that if the removal occurs, it means that the army will lose a high-quality commander, the combat capability of the battalion and the brigade as a whole will be significantly reduced, the well-coordinated team will be undermined, and instead of honest analysis and real changes, analysis of mistakes, “Russians” will win in the army #187;, where any fair remarks are denied, and those who make them — oppress, thereby making necessary changes impossible.

«I hope management will look into the situation, and «Dome» will be retained in office, marked by the awards due for his military path, and his words will receive a fair assessment. We must defeat Russia both at the front and in our minds – and instead of shutting our mouths, we need to start thinking and acting in order to improve ourselves daily», — summed up the journalist.

  • The day before «Dome» said in an interview with WP that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may not have enough forces for a large-scale offensive due to losses.

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