Butusov: Matsiyevsky's unit was thrown into the landing where the enemy was

Ukrainian defenders have a big problem, which is the gap between the use of troops and the adoption of managerial decisions at the headquarters. This was stated by journalist Yuri Butusov.

«This is obvious to everyone who is right in the war zone. Let's see, for example, between Soledar and Bakhmut there is a tactically important village of Chervona Gora, Krasnaya Gora. In this place, on December 30, there was a feat that the whole country saw. Hero of Ukraine Alexander Matsievsky was captured. A motivated soldier, boldly looking into the eyes of the enemy, said «Glory to Ukraine!» and they shot him. This is the only video we have seen. But what happened? Matsievsky's unit was sent to the area, which was already occupied by the enemy, the line of defense deployment. Why did it happen? Who is responsible for the fact that brave people who are not afraid of death, are not afraid of the enemy, thrown into battle in such conditions, did not give them this situation, did not tell where the enemy was? They threw us into a landing on an unequipped position, where there were no trenches. And this led to the death of motivated fighters. This is the other side of this feat. For it is not accidental», — said Butusov.

He noted that Matsievsky was not looking for an opportunity to surrender, but it happened.

«That's what I'm saying, draw a line on a map, you know how one brigade commander said at the beginning of the war that it's very easy to draw a line on a map, but it's very hard to live it. So, you need to understand that the main problem we have now is the problem of managing large masses of ground troops», — the journalist stressed.

He clarified that these problems are great and the occupiers also have them, which allows them to be beaten. Butusov emphasized that the Ukrainian military needs to improve itself in order to lose fewer lives and smash the enemy.

«We, unfortunately, do not have such an objective analysis of the situation, which would be based on video, on photos, that is, on objective data. In Ukraine, there is no such NATO concept as review, that is, a post-operative review, an analysis of one's actions. And we do not draw truthful conclusions from current events. The cost of this is very heavy. We cannot defeat the enemy. We are being knocked out of Bakhmut, which is strategically important. We are losing many lives of people who have no right to lose», — the journalist added.

  • The video of the execution of a Ukrainian prisoner of war by Russian invaders appeared on March 6. Before being shot, the man said: “Glory to Ukraine!”
  • The SBU has established that the soldier in the video is Oleksandr Matsiyevsky, a sniper from the 163rd battalion of the 119th separate troop brigade in the Chernihiv region.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy awarded Matsievsky the title of Hero of Ukraine.
  • Matsievsky's commander told the details of the tragic day.

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