Butusov: Russia started using 2022 missiles

Butusov: Russia started using 2022 missiles

Russia uses 2022 missiles to shell the territory of Ukraine. This was reported on Facebook by journalist Yuri Butusov.

“In missile strikes, the Russian Federation uses missiles manufactured in 2022. This suggests, on the one hand, that the enemy has already spent the accumulated stocks of high-precision weapons. But this also indicates that the Russian Federation continues to produce new high-precision weapons of various types, and, as it accumulates, delivers new strikes. That is, the cessation of attacks due to the full consumption of missiles will not happen”, — he writes.

Butusov noted that the enemy had been preparing for war for a long time, and that is why he ensured a closed cycle for the production of shells, missiles and mines, which allows him to maintain an advantage in weapons of all types.

“Obviously, now the Russian Federation is making every effort to increase the production of missiles, shells and mines at the expense of components produced in countries where there are no sanctions against Russia. And without a doubt, the enemy will be able to find the necessary solutions, modern technologies are common in non-democratic countries. Therefore, after some time, the enemy will be able to increase the production of ammunition, intensify shelling. Missiles and shells will not run out, some leaders need to stop deceiving themselves”, — the journalist adds.

  • According to Reuters, Iran will supply the Russian Federation with additional drones and «surface-to-surface» within 10 days.

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