Butusov: The occupiers began the assault on Ugledar

Butusov: The occupiers began the assault on Ugledar

Russian occupation forces launched an assault on the city of Vuhledar, Donetsk region. This was reported by journalist Yuri Butusov.

According to him, Vuhledar is of key importance for the Russian army, since the city is a strategically important communications point in the south of Donbass. It is also a frontier for the deployment of the future Ukrainian offensive on the Crimean corridor.

Butusov notes that the capture of Vuhledar will significantly improve the strategic position of the occupiers in the Donbas and will deepen the defense. The goal of the Russian command in the campaign of 2023 — capture the entire Donbass or move the Ukrainian army away from the Crimean corridor.

The journalist draws attention to the fact that the Russians have concentrated their best troops to capture Vuhledar – brigades of marines and airborne troops, stocks of ammunition.

He adds that the successful defense of Vuhledar for the Ukrainian army — inflicting maximum losses on the Russian elite brigades.

«We remember how the Russians first tried to capture Ugledar in the fall, and stopped in the village of Pavlovka near the city. The Russian regular army is very sensitive to losses, and then a wave arose in the Russian media that the Marines were defeated. Ugledar is a convenient line of defense, on the heights, the enemy attacks from the lowlands, there are opportunities to inflict a new defeat on the enemy»,— Butusov writes.

The journalist concluded that the battle for Vuhledar will determine the entire course of the further war in southern Ukraine in 2023.

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