Camille Combal had the Covid-19: the consequences he keeps from it

The presenter of TF1 was reached of the Covid-19 as he revealed it to our colleagues of “Télé Star”. And since then, Camille Combal warns of symptoms.
The list of celebrities who have had Covid-19 is growing. During an interview for Télé Star , Camille Combal revealed that he too had contracted the virus.

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The TF1 presenter loves to share his daily life with his fans on social networks. He notably revealed that he was injured the day before the deconfinement last May or shared his pain after an acrobatics . However, until now, Camille Combal had never revealed that he had had the coronavirus. He waited for his interview for our colleagues , Thursday, December 10, 2020, to share this information. ” J ‘had the Covid then I would turn ,” he said. He thus made the decision to ” ease off the radio to be closer to [his] parents, “who also fell ill, so he wondered if he had contracted the virus from them.

Among the symptoms, the 39-year-old brunette lost his taste and smell. And since then, Camille Combal has not found these senses . But as usual, the former Touche columnist not at my post keeps smiling and relativizes: “I know that there are people who are much more in trouble. ”

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that he shot his new program La Grande incruste , which will be broadcast on December 26. The principle ? Camille Combal is embedded in the most cult television programs, such as Koh-Lanta or Tomorrow belongs to us . ” I have never loved doing a show so much !! I hope you like it “, he said on Instagram.

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