Can Yaman, the nervous breakdown after the end of the love with Diletta Leotta

Can Yaman, the nervous breakdown after the end of the love with Diletta Leotta

Venice, Can Yaman conquers the Lido and forgets Diletta Leotta

Can Yaman did not take well the end of the romance with Diletta Leotta. After all, when loves go out, there is always a sense of emptiness, especially when you believe you have found your soul mate. We know very well thanks to the chat in pink that Diletta was much more to Can than a partner: he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. One scoop of Diva and Donna showed a new, more intimate Can. And unfortunately destroyed.

The Turkish star was surprised by the weeping paparazzi. During the summer, we got to see Can with Diletta: during the Italy-Turkey match, on holiday in Capri. Then, the first signs of rupture, up to the definitive removal. Yaman showed himself several times in public: in the eyes of the fans he seemed really happy. The controversy in Belgrade, then, on a crazy night with his friend and manager Roberto Macellari, they were a clear reference to the fact that he had moved on.

However, this is not the case. To the Venice Film Festival, Can was appreciated to say the least: his savoir-faire, his jaunty smile. Behind, obviously, there is much more. “After the farewell to Leotta, photos of a nervous breakdown“, Reported the weekly Diva and Donna. Not even a few months ago, all the tabloid pens whispered of wedding bells, meetings with relatives and the couple’s happiness.

By now, the two couldn’t be further apart. Diletta Leotta she was also interviewed on Italia 1 by Veronica Gentili a Good and bad. During the program, the reporter asked Leotta a very interesting question: she asked her how her ideal man should be. The features you could never give up? Respect and love. She wants to feel loved.

Not even a simple mention of Can, a comment, a sentence, a memory. None of this. The Turkish actor, however, in his private, is trying to deal with the breakup. The reasons for the end of the romance have not been disclosed, and probably never will be. So far only hints have been made, such as the fact that Diletta didn’t really want to get married (not in such a short time).


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