Canadian informant allegedly helped three British teenage girls join ISIS

A Canadian informant allegedly helped three British teenage girls join ISIS

Shamima Begum left the UK in 2015 to join the Islamic State armed group in Syria. London refuses to give him back his British nationality.

An alleged Canadian spy allegedly played a double agent role, facilitating the entry of three British teenage girls into Syria to join the armed group Islamic State (IS), while collecting information for the Canadian Intelligence Service of security.

According to information obtained by the BBC, the Canadian informant helped Shamima Begum, Amira Abase, then aged 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, to join ISIS in 2015.

Mohammed Al Rasheed allegedly notified Ottawa that the girls had crossed the border, but Canadian authorities never passed on the information to his British ally, the BBC reports.

When Canada got the information about the teenage girls, they had already crossed the border.

They fled the UK in 2015, to be met by Mohammed Al Rasheed at a bus station in Istanbul, Turkey.

As As an informant for Canada, Mr. Rasheed is said to have gained the trust of IS fighters before infiltrating the Turkish branch of a human trafficking ring, a role he he held out for at least eight months before helping the three teenage girls get to Syria.

A few days after helping young Shamima and her friends to reach Syria, Mr. Rasheed was arrested in Sanliurfa. In his statement, the smuggler claimed to have acted to collect information for the Canadian Embassy in Jordan.

He had in his possession crucial data; passport photos of the teenage girls and a video of them dropping their luggage into the taxi that took them to Syria.

At the request of the BBC, Canada and the United Kingdom declined to comment on the information obtained for security reasons.

A spokesperson for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service said it could not publicly comment on, confirm or deny details of CSIS investigations, operational interests, methodologies or activities.

For his part, a UK government spokesman said: It is our long-standing policy not to comment on operational intelligence or security matters.

Also according to the BBC, Mr. Rasheed allegedly met with Canadian officials in Jordan to ask them for political asylum in Canada in 2013.

They instead made a counter – offer: to become an informant for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Among the data seen by the BBC, Mr Rasheed allegedly had an exchange with a notorious IS fighter. I need you to work under me. Officially… I want you to help us bring people in, this one would have asked him.

After infiltrating ISIS, Mr. Rasheed allegedly collected information of national interest to Canada, mapping the residences of Western IS fighters in Syria, identifying IP addresses and locations of internet cafes in IS-controlled territory, and taking screenshots of the conversations he had with the fighters.

Also, he filmed ISIS recruits without their knowledge, including the three British teenage girls.

Shamima Begum is now a prisoner in a detention camp in the northeast of Syria, her British citizenship was withdrawn in 2019.

The British Home Secretary then considered that the young woman could obtain another citizenship than that of the United Kingdom.

His case illustrates the dilemma faced by several European governments, between prohibiting the return of their jihadist nationals for security reasons, or allowing them to return to bring them to justice.

L& #x27;lawyer for the Begum family is challenging the teenager's loss of citizenship, saying the teenager was the victim of a human trafficking ring.

He deplores the allegations facing Canada, a country meant to be an ally, protecting our people, rather than trafficking British children into a war zone.

The versions differ on what happened to the two young girls who had crossed the border with Shamima Begum. Kadiza Sultana's family believe she is dead and there is little information about Amira Abase.

London refuses to return her British citizenship to a woman who has become a member of ISIS

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