Candice King (Vampire Diaries) mom: she reveals the name of her 2nd child!

It’s time to bring out the bottles! On December 1, 2020, Candice King brightened up the Christmas holidays a little ahead of time. Her best gift is her: this little girl whom she welcomed with her husband Joe …
The little family is growing! We may have known her a little pale in the Vampire Diaries series , but far from film sets, Candice King gave life. For the second time. On her Instagram account, the interpreter of Caroline Forbes announced that her happiness was reaching new heights by sharing an adorable photograph: an image on which the baby’s hand holds his mother’s thumb. ” Last week our little girl landed in this world and in our hearts , she writes. We love her, Josephine June King, born December 12, 2020″ . The most beautiful box on the Advent calendar is undoubtedly this one!

This birth was not much of a surprise. On social networks, Candice King had widely spread the message of her pregnancy by sharing the evolution of her body and her moods. She even said she was ready to meet her daughter on November 30, a few hours before the birth. Of course, waiting for a happy event in the midst of a health crisis was a bit special for the 33-year-old mother. ” I am five months pregnant, so I was pregnant during all the confinement and during everything that 2020 has put us through , she explained in her podcast Directionally Challenged , where she had announced the good news. C tis a hell of an adventure, to say the least. ”

Some have known her as Candice Accola. But that was before the actress crossed paths with Joe King, of the American group The Fray, in February 2012. On October 18, 2014, the lovers were married in New Orleans and live together in a tribe of little girls. By marrying the musician, Candice King became the beautiful mother of Elise and Ava and gave birth, on January 15, 2016, to a little Florence May . Now Josephine completes this pretty sorority …

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