Car with collaborator Zubarev blown up in Zaporozhye region

A car with collaborator Zubarev was blown up in Zaporozhye region

B Gauleiter of the temporarily occupied village of Akimovka Maxim Zubarev was liquidated in the Zaporozhye region.

«In the Zaporozhye region, collaborator Zubarev joined the young and promising team of Stremousov «, the activist wrote on his Telegram channel Sergei Sternenko.

The death of Zubarev was confirmed by other collaborators. Statement of his death and the «Nazi terrorist attack» appeared on the personal page of the traitor.

According to the channel «Zaporizhzhya Sich», an explosive device was planted in Zubarev's car.

  • AFU soldiers liquidated a lieutenant colonel of the Airborne Forces of the army RF Sergey Koshelev.

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