‘Caracciolo’ Hospital, Franco Paoletti is the new head of Medicine

‘Caracciolo’ Hospital, Franco Paoletti is the new head of Medicine

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The rheumatologist Franco Paoletti is the new chief physician acting in the Medicine department of the ‘Caracciolo’ hospital in Agnone. The appointment came with a resolution signed by the director of Asrem, Oreste Florenzano.

The assignment to Paoletti will last for nine months. The post was vacant following the retirement of Giovanni Di Nucci for years head of the department.

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome, Paoletti holds the position of Director of Rheumatology of the Agnonese presidium and has always been engaged in the battle to safeguard the Altomolisan health structure.

Among other positions he also holds the position of minority councilor at Palazzo San Francesco where he was elected with the list ‘Agnone Identity and Future ‘.


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