Caroline Receveur a bout: Weight gain, mental overload, fatigue … frank confessions

It is with great frankness and sincerity that Caroline Receveur confided in her subscribers. Going through a complicated period, she wanted to say more and could count on the unfailing support of her darling Hugo Philip.
The followers of Carolina Receiver had noticed that something was wrong and those who are also interested in social networks of his spouse Hugo Philip certainly had noted that the newspaper the couple was not really the same. Tuesday, December 15, 2020, Caroline Receveur confided as rarely on Instagram. In her stories , she revealed to be completely overwhelmed.

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I have so much head in the handlebars
Following a private conversation between the businesswoman and her husband, Caroline Receveur wished to speak on social networks. Supported by the father of her son Marlon (1 year old), the ex-reality TV star confided that she could no longer manage her daily life properly. Exit the star hyper well made up and sublimely dressed, it is natural and in a large t-shirt that the pretty blonde decided to indulge following the advice of her companion. “I am not too present at the moment. I have a lot of things to manage and it does not necessarily show on the networks. (…) I told you that I wanted to talk to you more often, but my daily life takes over and I don’t even take the time to communicate even on my own brands. I have so much head in the handlebars , I spend the day in front of the computer, I do not make up, I am in a t-shirt … Three-quarters of the time I can’t find the time, my days go by quickly I wake up at 6:45 am, Marlon goes to school an hour later and after that I do not see the time passing “, she confided.

I gained weight, I no longer go to sport
When Hugo Philip films his sports sessions or his funny and tender moments with his son , Caroline Receveur, she, caught up in her daily life, posts almost only things about her professional life, which she regrets. Her darling can see that she is tired even if she does not complain and supports her. Moreover, he intervened several times in the stories , highlighting the incredible amount of work that the young mother does: ” You manage the administration for the house, the paperwork for Marlon, the new projects … you helps me thoroughly on Cruel Pancake [brand launched by Hugo Philip, Editor’s note], every day you manage the collaborations, your brands Osée, Recc … you make calls with the teams … It’s as if you were managing four companies at the same time and the problem is that you are having trouble to delegate, therefore necessarily at a given moment … “This defect, Caroline Receveur recognizes it and then specifies that these posts are not intended to complain but to explain why she no longer communicates too much with her subscribers.

Committed and perfectionist, the business woman evokes a ” mental overload ” and the tendency for women to flog themselves, something she tries not to do. She explains: ” I gained weight but it’s ok, I haven’t been going to sport for a month and a half when it’s my only moment, I don’t take the time to eat properly but I say it’s ok. Yes I gained weight and I’m not going to eat healthy during the holidays, the period is busy but I will get back in hand in January and make choices, like going back to Pilates. ” A good resolution that will perhaps prevent him from burnout.It’s okay not to be perfect in every way and to give up some projects or hobbies for a while and come back to them later. You can’t feel guilty, you can’t manage four businesses, be in the oven and the mill, be a fitness girl and a great mom . “Here is a perfect husband!

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