Caution, the risky pop project of the Dø singer –

Caution, the risky pop project of the Dø singer –

Singer Olivia Merilahti, half of The Dø, embarks on the solo adventure with a debut album, “Beginnings”. Resolutely pop and electronic, it should surprise fans of the first productions of the French formation.

Forget the indie and angry pop of The Dø’s early days. With Prudence, Olivia Merilahti explores a completely different musical universe, that of r’n’b and electronics. Music that she has listened to a lot for ten years.

In this project, the French singer and musician gives herself the opportunity to explore the world of pop, an American-style pop. To achieve this, Olivia Merilahti has teamed up with several renowned producers, including Surkin, French DJ and composer, and Xavier de Rosnay, half of the electro duo Justice. Together, they created the gleaming body of the Prudence rocket.

“Prudence is the perfect name for a futuristic heroine”

Olivia Merilahti wanted her project to be part of a science-fiction universe. “For me, it was necessary to create an alter ego that allows me to get out of my daily life and dive into a new imagination. Caution, it’s the perfect name for a futuristic heroine, it’s almost a planet for me, “she told RTS.

>> To see, the official clip of “Good Friends” of Prudence:

There is also an element of provocation on the part of Olivia Merilahti, knowing that her project is anything but prudence. It would have been more comfortable and reassuring to release a new album with The Dø than to launch a musical adventure exploring new sound spheres.

Caution, a parenthesis for The Dø

This trip does not mean the end of the trajectory of the French group. It would be more of a parenthesis: “It was healthy after ten years of very intense life, focused almost exclusively around The Dø. I needed to work with other people, to exchange with different people. on producing new songs. “

The almost purely electronic option of this new project is part of a natural evolution that began with The Dø’s latest album. The duo had already bet on the use of virtual instruments. Prudence further affirms this bias: “it corresponds to the music I have been listening to for several years: mainly American hip-hop and r’n’b.”

A very commercial ambition displayed

This option also responds to a more independent musical practice. Olivia Merilahti has become a mother since the release of The Dø’s last album. Thanks to the computer and virtual tools, she was able to produce and create her models wherever she wanted, as she traveled between Paris and Biarritz, where she then partly lived.

>> To see, the official clip of “Here & Now” of Prudence:

If the sound design of this album is very synthetic, it flirts more with the calibrated pop of Dua Lipa or Sia than with the more experimental approach of Björk. Prudence displays its very commercial ambition. “I’ve always liked very mainstream pop music. A lot of people don’t want to admit it, I gladly do it. I had a lot of fun composing these songs but it also requires a lot of work. Mainstream pop music. is very sophisticated in fact. The leaders of the genre are clearly the Americans. I wanted the musical result not to be too loaded, that it affirms my sound identity, “explains the singer.

“One of my main goals would be to feminize the studios”

Prudence also wants to be a feminist project. Olivia Merilahti presents herself as a science fiction heroine. Woman, sister, mother, vigilante, Prudence goes through her songs by changing skin, role, always faithful to her desire to constantly evolve, like her author. “Since The Dø’s last album, there has been a lot of questioning and awareness of my profession as a woman. There are a lot of things that are wrong with the world of music. , my most important objective in this industry would be to feminize the studios. Performers, musicians, there are. But the inequalities are felt the strongest in the field of the studios and the technique. Personally, I seek to feminize my team for a future album, but I have to admit that I haven’t found my team yet. “

Michel Masserey / sb

Prudence, “Beginnings” (RCA France).

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