Center of National Resistance: Russians can blow up the dam of the Svatovsky reservoir to stop the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Center of national resistance: Russians may blow up Svatov reservoir dam to stop Ukrainian Armed Forces

An enemy engineering and sapper unit arrived at the temporarily occupied Svatov to study the possibility of blowing up the dam of the local reservoir. This was reported at the Center of National Resistance.

It is noted that in this way the enemy expects to slow down the advance of the armed forces of Ukraine on this sector of the front. At the same time, the invaders plan to accuse Ukraine of blowing up the dam.

The CNS emphasized that such actions are the deliberate destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure and are not expedient, because they do not change the position of forces at the front. The CNS also said that the Russians could use the dam explosion to deport the local population.

  • The GUR reported that Putin considers the temporarily occupied Crimea and Belarus as territories for nuclear provocations.

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