“Change DDL Zan”: now opponents are appearing even in the center-left!

“Change DDL Zan”: now opponents are appearing even in the center-left!

“Change DDL Zan”: now opponents are appearing even in the center-left!

The discussion on DDL Zan is becoming more and more heated, but this time not for the obstruction of those in the center-right who want to delay the discussion. This time, not without surprise, the criticisms come from a group of people “who refer to the political area of ​​the center left, inspired by the values ​​of democratic and progressive extraction (…) always lined up in battles against all discrimination, for the defense of the rights and freedom of women “.

There are many Catholics, but not only, among those who ask to change the DDL Zan on homotransphobia: “A law awaited for decades has been transformed into a botched proposal, uncertain on the issue of freedom of expression, offensive because it introduces gender identity‘, a term that has become the political program of those who intend to cancel sexual difference in order to accredit an indistinction of genders. An articulate that mixes very different issues and introduces a worrying anthropological confusion. The consequences include biased propaganda in schools in favor of surrogacy and the exclusion of any plural vision in educational models ”.

Hence the firm request: “it is a text that must be amended before being approved, because a badly written law leads to controversial interpretations and applications that reduce rights and do not allow them to be fully protected”.

Finally, the proposers underline: “a dangerous overlap of the word ‘sex’ with that of ‘gender’ with consequences contrary to art. 3 of the Constitution for which rights are recognized on the basis of sex and not gender and not in harmony with current legislation, law no. 164/82 (and subsequent sentences of the Constitutional Court). The definition of ‘gender’ contained in the DDL Zan, which is not accepted by other countries, creates a form of indeterminacy that is not allowed by law, which instead has the duty to give certainty to legal relations and to identify the various cases “.

The articulated appeal essentially asks for changes to the text to be discussed: “thus fulfilling the task it sets itself: protect LGBT people “.

The first signatories of the appeal, which is obviously causing some agitation within the center-left, are the following:

Federico Albano Leoni university professor – Rome
Annalisa Amadori teacher Castel San Pietro – Bologna
Elisabetta Andreis journalist – Milan
Alessandra Angeli, make up artists – Milan
Marisa Antonacci teacher – Rome
Alice Arienta tourist guide, municipal councilor Pd – Milan
Teresa Armato – former parliamentarian – Naples
Ana Arruabarrena policy advisor – Milano
Annamaria Bardellotto teacher – San Donà di Piave
Lina Bardellotto teacher – San Donà di Piave
Livio Barnabò consultant – Rome
Giorgio Benvenuto president of the Buozzi Foundation – Rome
Maria Chiara Bertinotti retired, formerly responsible for Childcare Services of the Municipality of Milan – Milan
Romana Bianchi former member of parliament – Pavia
Merj Bigaran employee – San Donà in Piave
Francesco Binato retired employee – San Donà in Piave
Alessandra Bocchetti essayist – Rome
Luisa Bordiga – banking and activist ArciLesbica – Milan
Federica Borelli – RL Officer – Rome
Giuseppe Boschini former Regional Councilor ER Pd – Modena
Cecilia Brighi, secretary Italy Burma together
Riccardo Brun teacher – San Donà in Piave
Alessandra Brusatto specialist social worker – Rome
Antonella Buccaro contributor to the texts Tv – Rome
Samantha Buzzi employee – Milan
Neviana Calzolari sociologist – Modena
Daniela Canali retired teacher Pd – Milan
Andrea Canevazzi architect Italia Viva – Milan
Daniela Cardia public administration officer – Rome
Maura Carrer school operator – San Donà di Piave
Iris Carulli art expert – Rome
Giulio Cascino formerly a company manager – Rome
Andrea Catizone lawyer – Rome
Rita Cavallari architect SnoqLibere -Rome
Renata Cibin – Venice
Silvana Chiari Italy Viva – Rozzano
Rosi Anna Clemente – social volunteering – Rome
Cristina Comencini writer, director SnoqLibere – Rome
Licia Conte journalist SnoqLibere – Rome
Luisa Conti – Venice
Annalisa Cordella Italia Viva – Milan
Silvia Costa formerly MEP – Rome
Cristina Costantini teacher – Rome
Gloria Crema teacher – Asola
Antonella Crescenzi economist SnoqLibere – Rome
Claudia Cuzziol – San Donà di Piave
Laura De Barbieri book restorer – Genoa
Marcella De Carli Ferrari teacher – Milan
Marina De Palo university teacher – Rome
Alessandra De Perini – Venice
Maria Gabriella Di Giacomo teacher – Rome
Daniela Dioguardi former member of parliament Udipalermo – Palermo
Paola Fanton freelance – San Donà di Piave
Emma Fattorini university teacher – Rome
Maria Giuseppina Faruffini architect – Genoa
Cristina Favati retired teacher Italia Viva – Genoa
Debora Fiorentino employed – San Donà in Piave
Manuela Fiorini de Rensis administrator of SnoqLibere – Rome
Flavia Franceschini artist and activist ArciLesbica – Milan
Lucia Franci creative director / director – Milan
Giovanni Garbin employed – San Donà in Piave
Fabrizia Garroni journalist – Rome
Luisa Genevini teacher – Asola
Lucia Giansiracusa, employee and activist ArciLesbica – Milan
Francesca Girace former president of the Campania – Naples Equal Opportunities Commission
Milena Girardi housewife – San Donà di Piave
Silvana Giraldo – Venice
Fabrizia Giuliani university professor former parliamentary SnoqLibere – Rome
Cristina Gramolini, teacher and president of the National ArciLesbica
Bice Grillo women’s library and legal advice center Udipalermo – Palermo
Donika Hamati – housewife – San Donà di Piave
Gemma Infurnari teacher Udipalermo – Palermo
Francesca Izzo university professor SnoqLibere – Rome
Ida La Porta women’s library and legal advice center Udipalermo – Palermo
Marina Leopizzi Udipalermo – Palermo
Lia Lepri – trade unionist – Rome
Maria Paola Leuci coordinator Italia Viva – Lecce
Piergiorgio Licciardello engineer municipal councilor Pd – Bologna
Nadia Lucchesi – Venice
Marcella Lucidi lawyer, former member of parliament – Rome
Ignazio Malocco architect – San Donà di Piave
Franca Mammoliti Pd – Milan
Americo Mancini journalist – Rome
Aurelio Mancuso president of Equality Italia, of the Pd I Municipio Board – Rome
Cristina Maranesi Pd – Lecco
Andrea Marastoni public official – Asola
Valentina Marcon graphic designer – Milano
Franca Marcomin – Venice
Francesca Marinaro former member of parliament SnoqLibere – Rome
Maddalena Marino psychologist-psychotherapist – Palermo
Giovanna Martelli expert in cooperation and development programs – Rome
Ferdinando Masullo journalist – Rome
Flaviana Meda school director – San Donà di Piave
Maria Luisa Mello director – Milan
Maria Teresa Menotto national direction Pd – Venice
Mauro Mercatanti advertising – Milan
Michele Half journalist – Rome
Giovanna Minardi university professor – Palermo
Caterina Misti of the Pd Bellezza-Vigentino Circle Board of Directors – Milan
Gisella Modica writer Udipalermo – Palermo
Sandra Morano gynecologist – Genoa
Raffaele Morese president of the association president Ass. Koiné – Roma
Enrico Moreschi computer engineer – San Donà in Piave
Filippo Moreschi teacher – San Donà in Piave
Pina Nuzzo Donnae Laboratory – Rome
Andrea Paganello expert – San Donà in Piave
Paola Panerai teacher – Rome
Patrizia Pappalardo religious – Rome
Giuseppe Paruolo regional councilor Pd Emilia Romagna – Bologna
Beppe Pavan Men on the way – Pinerolo
Claudia Pedrotti lawyer Udipalermo – Palermo legal consultancy center
Adelaide Pelizzon accountant – San Donà di Piave
Chiara Pelizzon employed by Ulss – San Donà di Piave
Donatella Persichetti public administration officer SnoqLibere – Rome
Pesenti Rosangela writer – Bergamo
Rosa Petagna teacher – Rome
Gabriele Petrolito doctor, social policy councilor PD – Mirano
Simona Pianese school manager – Rome
Laura Peretti former Udi Nazionale university teacher – Modena
Silvia Pizzoli employed at SnoqLibere – Rome
Fabio Pizzul journalist, regional councilor Pd Lombardia – Milan
Anna Maria Pizzuti – retired – Rome
Giuseppe Pizzutoli policeman – Bari
Michele Pizzutoli security guard – Bari
Francesca Polo publishing, Milan
Renato Righi journalist – Rome
Sara Rinaudo employed – Bergamo
Emanuela Risso freelance – Genoa
Annamaria Riviello teacher – Potenza
Graziella Rizzetto housewife – San Donà in Piave
Simonetta Robiony journalist – Rome
Maddalena Robustelli blogger – Sala Consilina
Cecilia Sabelli communication expert SnoqLibere – Rome
Michele Santantonio student – Rome
Raffaella Santi Casali municipal councilor Pd – Bologna
Renata Secco – San Donà di Piave
Serena Sapegno university professor at SnoqLibere – Rome
Celestino Spada deputy editor of the magazine Economy and Culture – Rome
Elena Staropoli project manager – Milano
Pilar Savaria trade unionist – Rome
Lella Stefania sports manager – Rome
Costanza Silbernagl psychologist municipal councilor Pd di Daverio – Varese
Vittoria Tola UDI national secretariat – Rome
Andrea Tomasetto documentary director – Turin
Fausto Tortora, vice president of the Basso Foundation – Rome
Maria Cristina Treu architect – Milan
Roberta Trucco housewife and writer profession – Genoa
Antonio Tursilli engineer – Rome
Desirèe Urizio – Venezia
Giuseppe Vacca philosopher, historian – Rome
Roberta Vannucci employee and activist ArciLesbica – Florence
Suny Vecchi – Rome
Sara Ventroni research fellow SnoqLibere – Rome
Giuliana Vogel retired journalist – Milan
Francesca Zaltieri teacher, coordinator Italia Viva – Mantua
Stella Zaltieri Pirola actress and activist ArciLesbica – Milan
Rita Zanutel retired teacher – San Donà in Piave
Irene Zappalà Councilor Pd Nova Milanese – Milan
Agnese Zappalà journalist – Milan
Sabina Zenobi, teacher and activist ArciLesbica – Milan
Alessandra Zoccante employed – San Donà in Piave

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