Channel “Wagnerites” betrayed the military base of the occupiers in Luhansk | PHOTO | VIDEO

The Wagnerian channel exposed the occupiers' military base in Luhansk | PHOTO | VIDEO< /p>

Photo of captured Ukrainian self-propelled artillery «Gvozdika», published close to PMC «Wagner» telegram channel, allows you to find a large repair base of military equipment of the occupiers on the territory of an abandoned mine near Luhansk, in the urban-type settlement of Yubileyny. Radio Liberty writes about this.

«Fresh trophy. Ukrainian self-propelled guns 2S1 «Gvozdika» was captured by the allied forces. February 2023″, says a post published in «Corner of the Sith» February 3.

Wagnerian channel

Radio Liberty found the original source of this image and geolocated it. He was the first to publish a photo of a carnation in his profile on the social network «VKontakte» 55-year-old resident of Omsk Vladimir Lapin. He did it on the same day, February 3, but 40 minutes earlier than «Sith Corner», and there is no logo of the telegram channel in his picture. It follows from Lapin’s profile that in Soviet times he served in the Airborne Forces, and in the fall of 2022, probably as a volunteer, he went to participate in a «special military operation», having previously been in a camp of Russian troops near the city of Boguchar. Now, as Lapin himself writes, he has already returned home to Omsk.


To the right and left – pictures from «VKontakte» Vladimir Lapin, in the center – photo of the mine from the site

Radio Liberty studied satellite images of the territory of the «Luganskaya» mine, taken on January 7, 2023, and found out that the photo of the captured Ukrainian « #187; was made in its southern part (exact

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