Chantal Goya takes over “A rabbit” in rap: Gims adores and emphasizes his “flow”

Guest of “8:30 pm, Sunday”, Chantal Goya took up her hit, “A rabbit”, rapping in front of Gims’ expert gaze. The singer simply loved his performance. Despite the enthusiasm of the two artists, Internet users judged that this performance was uneasy …
2020 is definitely the year of all possibilities. After the appearance of metal monoliths, the survival of Romain Grosjean or even the imprisonment of Lori Loughlin , Chantal Goya begins to rap! Guest of the program 8:30 p.m., Sunday (France 2) at the same time as Gims , the cult artist could not resist the urge to resume his hit Un rabbit, rapping. A tasty sequence to find in the video above.

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At the request – far-fetched – from Laurent Delahousse , Chantal Goya seemed more than happy to show off her skills as a kicker. Obviously a big fan of the singer, Gims dances and moves his head to the rhythm of the song. ” We were serious in the rhythm yeah! She was in it, she had the flow, she had the technique. Bravo “, assessed the interpreter of Immortal . ” I’ll sing with you now! ” Smiled Chantal Goya, offering here a feat to the rapper.

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