Charles III receives representatives of a Commonwealth that questions the monarchy | Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Charles III receives representatives of a Commonwealth that questions the monarchy | Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Charles III received Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland at Buckingham Palace on Sunday.

Charles III, head of state of 14 countries besides the UK , received representatives of the member countries of the Commonwealth at Buckingham Palace in London on Sunday, at a time when movements which question the place of the monarchy are agitating certain former British colonies.

The Commonwealth is made up of 56 states, mostly former British colonies, 15 of which, including Canada, have Charles III as their head of state.

During his third day as King, Charles III, Head of the Commonwealth, received the organisation's Secretary General, Patricia Scotland, before receiving the High Commissioners from the United Kingdom, so ambassadors from different kingdoms.

All of the Commonwealth countries proclaimed Charles their new king after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. But beyond the certain emotion aroused by the death of the monarch, some among the 2.5 billion inhabitants of these 56 states question Charles' ability to inspire the same loyalty. and loyalty than his mother.

Like the Caribbean island of Barbados, which became a Republic last year, 55 years after claiming independence from the United Kingdom , others are planning to follow the same path.

A sizeable proportion of Australians want their country to become a republic, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, even though he told Sky News that he was not considering referendum to do so during his first term.

In Canada, Republicans remain in the minority, but a poll published last April showed that 67% of the population was not favorable to seeing Charles succeed his mother.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, with Prince Charles when he was not not yet king.

And shortly after Charles was confirmed king of Antigua and Barbuda, the premier of the West Indies state, Gaston Brown, announced his intention to hold a referendum within the next three years. This is not a hostile act towards the monarchy, but the last step to complete our path to independence, he assured the British television channel ITV.

During Prince William and his wife Kate's official trip to Jamaica in the spring, during which the couple faced criticism of Britain's slave past, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said his country's transition was inevitable. towards a republican regime.

Long before becoming king, Charles traveled the Commonwealth. The Royal Family's official website says he has visited 45 of the 56 member states.

He has often displayed his commitment to the organization, saying in 2013 that & #x27;she is in [her] blood and saying in a speech in 2010 that she encourages and celebrates cultural diversity.

Last June, during the meeting of Commonwealth leaders, whom former British Prime Minister David Cameron called a superb diplomat, believed member states were free to abandon the fold of the monarchy, also expressing sadness for the country's slavery past. Great Britain.

At this same meeting, Gabon and Togo, two French-speaking West African countries, joined the Commonwealth, seeking in particular to strengthen their ties with a market of 2.5 billion people.

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