Charlotte (Love is in the pre 2020) separated from Laurent: she evokes “unspoken”

Charlotte is no longer in a relationship with the farmer of “Love is in the pre 2020” today. Following the release of the balance sheet Monday, December 14, the contender spoke of her break with Laurent on Instagram.
Laurent really wanted to start a family and therefore hoped that the filming ofLove is in the pre 2020 would allow her to make her dream come true. Until the end, he believed in it since we had left the breeder of suckler cows in Normandy in a relationship with Charlotte . Unfortunately, their romance did not last.

During the assessment of the M6 ​​program broadcast on December 14, it is indeed alone that Laurent arrived against Karine Le Marchand . ” She left. I didn’t tell her to leave but I didn’t hold her back either. I think it was difficult. I have a lot of admiration for the courage she had. We were. so different … “, he first confided to Karine Le Marchand. He then revealed that the 29-year-old ready-to-wear saleswoman had left her apartment to move in with her daughter. In order to feel at home, she brought all the furniture from her cozy nest and installed them at the farmer’s house. But very quickly, the contender became disillusioned. After three months, Charlotte made the decision to leave. “She suffered my disorganized side. She needed to have me with her to take root and I was not always there, “continued Laurent, who was very upset by this breakup so much he had become attached to the beautiful brunette and her daughter.

For her part, it is on Instagram that Charlotte spoke about her disillusionment in love on Instagram, the day of the release of the report. The young woman shared a photo on which we see Laurent and his daughter from behind, in the middle of nature. ” Our story, we preferred to live it off cameras . To be able to learn to discover each other, and never to leave each other. I know that we had the chance to experience what we experienced, that we shared beautiful things but also envisioned lots of beautiful projects . That we loved each other very much, maybe a little too much, a little too quickly. That you have to be ready to start a new life, it was too early. Then the broadcast a digest of memories. From a tiny part of our history that reminds me every Monday that my heart may have been heavy. That sometimes it’s just a matter of timing. To read, to hear that I was afraid of the extent of the problems is completely false, that I was ready to experience them one by one, alone against all, for him, with him, close to him. But it was impossible to start living on the unspoken . My story is beautiful, admittedly a little short, which certainly broke us both but it is ours “, she wrote in the caption.

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