«Charter-Svein»: – Make a TV comeback

«Charter-Svein»: – Make a TV comeback

Comedians Jon Almaas and Henriette Steenstrup are back as presenters in the humor game show “Alle mot alle” this autumn. Today, the seven celebrity teams, which will go head to head in the program’s third season, were revealed in a press release from Discovery.

We get to see famous duos such as top athlete Birgit Skarstein and professional dancer Helene Spilling, who moved together as good friends after last year’s season of “Skal vi danse”, and the comedian couple Maria Stavang and Magnus Devold as earlier this year confirmed that they had bought the apartment together on Instagram.

This is how it goes now

In the program’s next season, we will also see other couples compete together for the knowledge. Svein Østvik, also known as “Charter-Svein” makes a TV comeback after mouthpiece-the controversy with comedian Sofie Frøysa as her teammate.

“Charter-Svein” is back

“Charter-Svein” has a long background in reality and is perhaps best known for the series that led to his major breakthrough, namely “Charter fever” which ran on TV3 from 2006 to 2013. In recent times, Østvik has been a participant in programs such as “4 star dinner »,« Camp Kulinaris »,« 71 ° Nord »and« Farmen Kjendis ».

ANSWER TO THE CRITICISM: Svein Østvik, also known as “Charter-Svein”, took part in the debate to respond to criticism of his corona statement. April 27, 2021. VIDEO: Edward Stenlund REPORTER: Henriette Eilertsen
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Despite his long career in television, Østvik viewers at home have had little reunion with him in the entertainment scene over the past year. This year, Østvik has ended up in a number of controversies related to the corona measures. In April stood Østvik in front of the Storting in Oslo as part of a demonstration against Oslo’s strict measures and participated in a bandage burning.

– NRK sabotaged me

Earlier this year, Østvik was invited as a guest on NRK «Debatten» together with Leif Einar «Lothepus» Lothe, on the basis of the latter’s critical statements about Østvik’s attitude to the corona restrictions. This broadcast, which aired on NRK on 27 April, will reach the Norwegian Broadcasting Council.

Recorded before controversy

In a portrait interview with Dagbladet Østvik says that he has lost job offers and friends after the bandage burning, but now he returns to the screen.

Press contact in Discovery explains that the casting in the show is based on well-known Norwegian faces and that the recording was made before the corona controversies took place earlier this year.

Charter-Svein and Lothepus up in the Broadcasting Council

– The autumn season was recorded in January and February this year. The participants are selected because they are people who do well on television, and whether most Norwegians have a relationship with. It is fun to put your general knowledge to the test, writes communications director at Discovery to Dagbladet.

Svein Østvik has not responded to Dagbladet’s inquiries.

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