China asks the UN for a small arms embargo for Haiti

China requests UN small arms embargo for Haiti

The Chinese resolution would also demand an immediate halt to violence and criminal activity, as well as an end to road blockades.

China has asked the UN Security Council to impose a small arms embargo on Haiti and individual sanctions against gang leaders, as well as to support the dispatch of a regional police force to this country plagued by violence

These measures, according to Beijing, can be part of the renewal of the political mission of the UN (Binuh) expiring Friday evening, which must be voted on Friday at an indefinite hour.

The two countries responsible for the Haitian file in the Council, the United States and Mexico, had not planned to go so far in their initial draft resolution and tough negotiations continue on the matter, diplomats say.

The situation in Haiti could not be worse with gang violence escalating in Port-au-Prince, a spokeswoman for the Chinese diplomatic mission to the UN said. An arms embargo against criminal gangs is the minimum the Council should do in response to an appalling situation, she added.

According to a draft text including the China's proposed amendments, individual sanctions would include travel bans and asset freezes.

Washington is not against sanctions, but they must be the right ones, says a diplomat on condition of anonymity.

Declaring an arms embargo without creating a sanctions committee or a group of UN experts to verify its application makes little sense, adds this source, judging that a sanctions regime implies a separate resolution.

In Port-au-Prince, gangs rule the roost.

For individual sanctions targeting gang leaders, same observation, continues the diplomat: who to target precisely and for what specific reasons?

All this deserves more work, insists this source.

On the Haitian file, Beijing has become a key player at the UN in recent years. The reason? A Chinese desire for reprisals, assure diplomats, after the recognition of Taiwan by Port-au-Prince. Beijing denies establishing a link between the two subjects.

At UN meetings, China is regularly very virulent in denouncing a country that is sinking into the political and economic crisis, despite multiple international aid and various peacekeeping missions until October 2019.

We must fight against arms trafficking in Haiti, push the political authorities to emerge from their lethargy and threaten legal sanctions against those responsible for the violence, insists a Chinese diplomatic source on condition of anonymity.

The draft text, which should still evolve between now and a vote, provides for a renewal of the Binuh until October 15, 2023.

It demands an urgent agreement from the Haitian parties, within six months or sooner, to define a new political process leading to presidential and legislative elections.

The arms embargo would also concern ammunition and would aim to put a stop to trafficking and kidnappings for ransom, which have become commonplace in Haiti.

The resolution would also require an immediate halt to the violence and criminal activity, as well as an end to road blockades.

Rising prices, food and fuel shortages, and gang violence are making life increasingly difficult in Port- au-Prince.

China also wants the text to request the UN Secretary-General to engage in consultations with regional countries and regional organizations to support the Haitian police and provide for the deployment of a multinational police force.

For Washington, it would however be necessary to consult the Haitian authorities beforehand to obtain their agreement, according to a diplomatic source.

At least 89 people were killed in one week in clashes between gangs in Port-au-Prince, where prices are rising. fly away and fuel shortages worsen more and more, threatening the crucial humanitarian aid for the inhabitants.

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