Chinese-made mines were found on the abandoned positions of the Russians | VIDEO

Chinese-made mines were found on abandoned Russian positions | VIDEO

Fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on one of the abandoned positions of the Russian army found mortar mines made in China. This was reported on Twitter.

This is a 60-mm ammunition that is quite easily identifiable, like the high-explosive fragmentation M-83A. The exact location and time of the shooting is unknown. At the same time, the video clearly shows that the mines are new, with plastic caps. Fuzes and charges also went to them.

According to Defense Express, this find is immediately interesting because of a number of aspects. Firstly, there are no 60 mm mortars in service with the Russian army. Secondly, the purchase of such weapons, as well as ammunition for them, was not reported.

It is still unknown where exactly these Chinese-made ammunition was taken and which Russian unit used them. Also, the ways of getting these weapons to the Russian Federation are not known.

It is noted that these could be direct deliveries from China, which will become a separate subject of conversation at the state level. It is also possible that it was a re-export from the DPRK or some African country. But given that the factory seal and all accompanying documentation with serial numbers have been captured, there should be no problems with identification if Beijing agrees to cooperate.

However, the main aspect of this find is that the Russian Federation generally needed to import ammunition and mortar systems.

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