Chmerkovsky's wife lost a child when he was filming in Kyiv

Chmerkovsky's wife lost her baby when he was filming in Kyiv

STB judge Max Chmerkovsky and his wife Peta Margatroyd lost their baby. The miscarriage happened when the choreographer was thousands of kilometers from home, in Kyiv, on the set of the project “Dances with the Stars”. The couple spoke about this in an interview with People magazine.

According to Max, at that time, her lover was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was hospitalized. In the ward, the girl called the dancer on the speakerphone when the doctor came to see her.

– He asked if I knew I was pregnant? Because of his excitement, Maxim heard the doctor say that I was pregnant. I had no idea that I was expecting a baby,” said Peta.

For Chmerkovsky, the news of the loss of a child was a big blow. The couple did not know about the pregnancy, but planned to have another baby in the future. The couple are already raising their 5-year-old son, Shaya Alexander.

Maxim Chmerkovsky is from Odessa and has been living in the United States since 1994. He is a world champion in Latin American dance and the winner of the American show Dancing with the Stars on ABC. He is 42 years old. Max is known to Ukrainian viewers as the hero of the first season of the Bachelor reality show, host of the KUB show, judge of the projects Dances with Stars on 1+1 and Dances on STB.

Chmerkovsky and Margatroyd have been together since 2012 of the year. The couple got married in 2017.

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