CIA believes China's invasion of Taiwan is only a matter of time

CIA believes China’s invasion of Taiwan is only a matter of time

A US Navy guided missile destroyer sails through the Taiwan Strait.

China is learning lessons from Russia's war in Ukraine that make it ready to use force against Taiwan, the CIA chief said Wednesday.

It seems to us that (the war in Ukraine seen by Beijing) does not really affect the question of whether the Chinese leadership could choose to use force against Taiwan in the next few years, but when and how will. they, said the head of the American intelligence agency, Bill Burns.

Guest of the Aspen Security Forum, in the United States, he nevertheless put into perspective the risks of a passage to the act of President Xi Jinping by the end of the year on Taiwan, while some believe such an outbreak is possible after an important meeting of the ruling Communist Party.

Such risks seem to us to be growing over the decade, he said.

Beijing is probably confused watching the war in Ukraine, the agency's boss analyzed, calling it a strategic failure for Vladimir Putin who thought he could overthrow kyiv in a week.

Mr. Burns believes that Beijing saw it as proof that you cannot achieve quick, decisive victories without throwing sufficient military weight into the battle.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen aboard a frigate stationed at a naval base (files).

I think the lesson Chinese leaders and the military are learning is that you need to muster a broadly dominant force to win, he further said, also specifying the importance of controlling the information space and preparing for potential economic sanctions.

The head of the CIA also considered, in line with previous statements from Washington, that China, despite its verbal support, does not provide military support to the Russia in its war in Ukraine.

The United States is concerned about Beijing's increased military pressure in recent years against Taiwan, a democratic island, which China considers part of its territory and is concerned about. x27;is sworn to resume one day.

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