Cine Móvil Toto starts tour to bring free cinema to communities

Cine Móvil Toto starts tour to bring free cinema to communities

After eight continuous years of bringing sustainable cinema to the most remote communities of the country, Cine Móvil ToTo launches its “Invite 1 child to the cinema” campaign.

With the aim that more citizens can join the cause of bringing free cinema to people who do not have access to the seventh art, since a commercial theater can be located kilometers from where they live or the families are of limited resources.

People interested in financially supporting this cause can see more information about this initiative at

It should be noted that in the face of the covid-19 contingency, the ToTo Mobile Cinema team has known how to adapt to reactivate outdoor functions during 2021. Hand in hand with the Ministry of Health, the attendees have followed all the necessary measures to avoid the contagions.

In this sense, 2nd edition of “Girando por el Norte con Cine Móvil ToTo” will give 100 performances in total of June 10 to October 29, in the states Baja California Sur, Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua and Coahuila thanks to the support of Banorte and the fiscal stimulus EFFICIENCY 189.

In this regard, Roberto Serrano Co-founder of Cine Móvil Toto commented:

“Our main objective is to help more girls and boys to see movies in Mexico. It must be remembered that, according to INEGI, a third of Mexicans do not have access to a movie theater. Besides that we are reaching communities where there is not even a good internet connection to view content online. “

With the support of IMCINE, FilminLatino and several distributors will offer a catalog of family movies such as: “The League of 5”, “For My Whiskers”, “Nomads”, “Everything at stake”, “Gimme The Power”, “Mongol Plot”, “The Legend of La Llorona”, “Do you know Tomás?” , “Zoé: Panoramas”, among many others.

“Our project has two advantages: being outdoors and generating our own energy for the functions. This has allowed us to not stop and continue to function even during the pandemic. To date we have had more than 700 performances and we have witnessed the smiles that we generate in the little ones.

For this reason, we decided to launch the campaign “Invite a child to the movies” together with a donation platform on our website, where associations and individuals can donate from 100 pesos to whatever they want, to help us cover operating expenses. and that we can continue with the logistics and management of the tours throughout the country ”.

It is important to mention that during the functions the indications of the government of each state are followed and in case of being on a red traffic light the functions will be suspended.

The measures to protect the health of the attendees are:

  • The Cine Móvil Toto team will wear a face mask and mask during all functions.
  • The entire projection area (chairs and bicycles) is sanitized with a chlorinated solution.
  • Access to the screening is with a mandatory mask.
  • The temperature of the attendees will be taken.
  • Attendees will be provided with antibacterial gel.
  • The chairs are placed at a healthy distance of 1.5m each.
  • The maximum capacity is 100 people per screening, who have to fill out a pre-registration through our website ( to avoid crowds.
  • The Cine Móvil Toto team will be screened before traveling to each state to avoid contagion.



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