CIT: SU-34 that crashed in Yeysk was flying to bomb positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

CIT: SU-34 that crashed in Yeisk was flying to bomb UAF positions

A Russian fighter-bomber flew to bomb the positions of the Ukrainian defenders. About this on air & # 171; Popular politics & # 187; said CIT expert Ruslan Leviev.

«The Ministry of Defense has already explicitly admitted that it was a Su-34. True, they call it a training flight, and it puzzles us. We have looked at all the video recordings that circulate on the Internet, where we see a house already on fire and secondary explosions are clearly audible there. That is, it is clearly ammunition. The fuel may explode on impact, but then it simply burns. And there we see constant secondary explosions. This directly tells us about the ammunition load and it is extremely strange for us to carry out a training flight with a full ammunition load. At the same time, Yeysk is located on the coast of the Sea of ​​u200bu200bAzov, not far from Ukraine. In theory, this is a convenient route to fly further into the territory of Ukraine and drop bombs and missiles on the positions of Ukrainian troops. Therefore, we are inclined that it was not a training flight, but the plane was flying to continue hitting targets on the territory of Ukraine & # 187;, & # 8212; he said.

A video of the ejected pilot has also surfaced online. He says he wasn't hit.

Crashed aircraft killed 4 people. Three of them jumped from the upper floors of the burning high-rise building.

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