Clemence Botino, his “failed” reign? Miss France is indignant: “Stop!”

Contestant Fawzeya Mohamed (R) reacts after winning the Pantene Miss Egypt 2006 pageant while runner-up Reem Helal reacts in disappointment in Cairo April 18, 2006. REUTERS/Tara Todras-Whitehill – RTR1CLIW
Clémence Botino will certainly have lived a year of Miss France unique in its kind. While the young Guadeloupean must hand over her crown this Saturday, December 19, 2020, she takes stock of her year, annoying in passing those who qualify her reign as “failure”.
It’s been a year since Clémence Botino was elected Miss France . At 23, the one who represented Guadeloupe then saw her life completely turned upside down and obtained the confidence of the French to be the country’s ambassador. But the fairy tale was of (very) short duration since from March, only three months after his coronation, confinement was imposed in the country and around the world.

Unable to meet her commitments, Clémence Botino then returned home to Guadeloupe. As the arrival of summer heralded better days, the pretty brunette was confronted up close with a fatal fire in the building in which she lived, like all the other Misses before her. In short, a year definitely unlike any other for Sylvie Tellier’s protege who really believed she would never end it. ” I was really like, we’re only in the middle of the year, what’s going to happen to me afterwards? I thought someone had put a spell on me.In Guadeloupe, we are superstitious, and I told myself mom help me (she laughs). But the next six months went better. I stopped wondering how I was going to exist … I existed in my own way, “she told Le Parisien on December 19, 2020.

Besides, beware of those who dare denigrate his reign. ” I gave a lot of myself to adapt to the situation. I had to find other supports to express myself. I have no regrets. I repeat it one last time: Stop saying that I missed my year, you don’t live with me, ”she blurted out.

Leaving aside trips to the other side of the world or glamorous events in which she could not participate, Clémence Botino is grateful for the maturity that the title of Miss France has brought her. ” I became a woman, I imposed myself. I’m less afraid than a year ago … For example, this fire that really scared me, in which I told myself that I was going maybe spend there, I could not have lived it alone. I would certainly have called my mother but there, I took it upon myself, “she says.

Clémence Botino will have to give up her place this Saturday to one of the 29 candidates in the running for the new election of beauty queen, live from the Puy du Fou.

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