CNN: Crimean bridge explosion pushes Putin to make strategic decision on southern Ukraine

CNN: Crimean bridge explosion pushes Putin to make strategic decision on southern Ukraine< /p>

The explosion on the Crimean bridge should push the Russian dictator Putin to a strategic decision on the occupied south of Ukraine. However, the head of the Kremlin is famous for his «talent» make bad decisions, CNN says.

In recent weeks, the Russian occupation troops have already failed in this direction and have been forced to retreat. And the emergency on the Crimean bridge, as the Russians themselves call it, further worsens the ability of the invaders to hold Kherson.

It is noted that the Russian troops in the south are already poorly provided, and damage to the railway route to Crimea causes additional &# 171;inconvenience».

«Adding to the problem for Putin is the fact that a Russian rail junction in the Donetsk region was also hit on Saturday. If you look at Ilovaisk on the map, you can see that railway arteries pass through it. A freight train blew up there this morning, likely affecting Russia's ability to reinforce Donetsk and Lugansk, which Ukraine has already put heavy pressure on, thanks to the rail links,” writes CNN.

Journalists drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainian army patiently approached «sore points» occupiers and does not strike until he sees a «moment of weakness», ensuring that the damage inflicted continues while lengthy repairs are underway.

«Now Putin has to make a series of hasty and painful decisions, all of which will greatly contradict his vanity towards the growing signs of slow defeat»,— write the authors of the material.

As a result, Putin has two options regarding the south of Ukraine, but both are losing:

-retreat in the Kherson region and withdraw troops from there so as not to hit encirclement, focusing on holding the eastern territories;

to transfer even more reserves to the south, but weakening other front lines.

Experts conclude that any of these decisions leads to the destruction of Putin's reputation , a catastrophic collapse in the war against Ukraine, and even, possibly, a complete loss of power by the dictator.

  • British intelligence told how the destruction of the Crimean bridge affects the Russian army.

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