CNN: Details of more than ten US companies found in one of the “shaheeds”

CNN: Details of more than ten US companies were found in one of the shaheeds< /p>

Inside one Iranian drone shot down in Ukraine last fall, parts made by more than a dozen American and Western companies were found. This is reported by CNN, citing the assessment of Ukrainian intelligence.

According to CNN sources, out of 52 components that were seized from the Iranian Shahed-136 drone, 40 were produced by 13 different American companies. The remaining 12 components were produced by companies from Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan and China.

The publication concludes that Iranian companies under sanctions are apparently successfully circumventing bans on the supply of key components and electronics. For example, Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries Corporation (HESA), which designed the Shahed-136, has been under US sanctions for 15 years, since 2008.

It is noted that there is no evidence yet that any of the companies- manufacturers deliberately export their technology in circumvention of sanctions. Moreover, companies are often unable to ensure full control over the actions of distributors until the US government and intelligence agencies catch one of their counterparties in violation of the law.

Data obtained by Ukrainian intelligence was transferred to US government agencies at the end of 2022 and show the depth of the sanctions compliance problem, CNN notes.

  • CNN previously reported that the Joe Biden administration has created a large task force to investigate how Western-origin technology got into Iranian drones that the Russian Federation uses against Ukraine.

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