CNN: Leopard 2 tanks will soon be ready for deployment in Ukraine

Ukrainian military almost finished training on battle tanks Leopard 2 and soon Germany will be able to deploy them in Ukraine. This is reported by CNN with reference to a representative of the command of the Bundeswehr.

A representative of the German army noted that the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were “highly motivated” and used the five-week training “more than effectively”.

According to him According to the words, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine trained for 12-14 hours a day, six days a week. The representative clarified that they were trained as drivers, gunners, technicians, commanders and maintenance personnel.

The military completed their last shooting training on March 13 and, according to the representative, the cadets achieved 82-85% of hits in combat conditions.

«This is a super result», — he said, adding that training in simulator shooting had significantly increased the progress of soldiers.

  • Denmark will transfer the first Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine in the spring.

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