CNN: No sign of Ukrainian troops retreating from Soledar

CNN: There is no sign of Ukrainian troops retreating from Soledar

CNN journalists are now near Soledar, where the most fierce fighting is taking place. They report that the Ukrainian military feel confident and are not going to leave the city. This was reported on the CNN website.

The film crew hears continuous heavy artillery fire in the vicinity of the city.

According to journalists, a few kilometers from the front line, Ukrainian troops remain calm, performing their routine maintenance and logistics responsibilities. There is no sign of an imminent retreat or withdrawal.

«We are about seven kilometers from where the battle is taking place. You can hear the artillery – most of the sounds come from the direction of the city», — told journalist Ben Wedman.

CNN team members also noticed how important Western assistance is in this war – the Ukrainian military in Soledar uses a lot of military and medical vehicles from Poland, France, the USA, Great Britain and others countries.

  • At night, the press service of the owner of PMC «Wagner» Prigozhina published a photo allegedly from the salt mine of Soledar and reported that the entire territory of the city was allegedly taken under control by Russian mercenaries.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine assured that the occupiers do not control the city.

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